Surviving Myself A Journey from Suicidal to Happy

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My name is Andy Grant. I’m a writer, actor, husband, entrepreneur, speaker, extensive world traveler, and award-winning short filmmaker. I’ve led quite a fantastic life.I’ve also tried to kill myself more times than I can count. Turns out, I am far from alone.

Each year, over one million people in the world die by suicide—a number higher than the total amount of world deaths each year from war and homicide combined.

Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for American adults between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five.

In the United States, a person dies by suicide every sixteen minutes, and an attempt is made once every minute. Every day. Every year.

I was forty years old before I finally got how beautiful life truly is. By sharing my experiences, I hope to help others get there faster. I am proof that suicidal thoughts can be overcome, that labels don’t need to last a lifetime. Everyone is here for a reason, and nobody’s reason is to suffer until they purposely take their last breath.

Be good to yourself,

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In April, 2010 I attended "Movers & Shakers" in Boston, a weekend event for aspiring authors and speakers put on by Hay House. I was aspiring to be aspiring at that point, and went because it sounded interesting. Part of the program was a video contest resulting in people being selected for an online event or their own radio show with Hay House. There were so many amazing, polished professionals at the event, I never had any intention of submitting a video. After being encouraged by other participants, I made this entry on the final day before the June deadline. In July, I was named one of three runners-up.

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  1. Hi Andy: it was really nice to talk to you yesterday and I appreciate your time. I am very happy your doing well, happy and now helping others. I remember when we met when I moved to Boston and what a cool guy you are and how I was lucky to work with you and the gang. You gave me a lot to think about and some very helpful guidance on working my way out of the hole I am in. I know it is not easy but I am going to put the work in and hopefully be in a better place sooner rather then later. Say hello to Lori and I will be in touch sometime in the future. all the best – Brian

  2. Thanks to whoever posted the link above.
    Here is my response to this.

  3. I was lucky to have the chance to work for and learn from Brian Grundei. He hired me to work on his team at Cisco Systems back in 1998. He taught me a tremendous amount about how to do large scale technology marketing – something at which he excelled. In April, I gave him advice and acted as a reference for him as he tried to get a job with Motorola. Unfortunately, they chose to hire the other candidate. I tried to get back in touch with Brian right after that by phone and email, but he wouldn’t respond. Today, when I did a search on his name, I learned why. I have been sitting here stunned. Brian had a LOT more to offer this world and I wish, really wish, I had done more to help him.

    • Hugh, thanks for sharing here. The only person who could have done more is Brian. What you, I, or anyone else did or did not do has very little to do with the final outcome here. One thing I’m certain of is that Brian wouldn’t want anyone feeling guilty.
      Be good to yourself,

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