Surviving Myself A Journey from Suicidal to Happy


The Best Way To Die

--Andy Grant, October 24, 2010

I've spend countless hours searching the web for “best ways to die” and “how to commit suicide”, “fool proof suicide” and other morbid notions. I thought my search history would serve as the perfect suicide note. Perhaps you've found this post because you were searching for the same things. If so, let me save you some time. In this video I share what I know about the best way to die.

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Letting Go

--Andy Grant, October 13, 2010

Don't hold on to your old crap!  Here, I release a little bit of my past. This was surprisingly powerful to do. I even popped a muscle in my jaw after I did it.

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Andy --

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Mirror Work Demo

--Andy Grant, October 4, 2010

Many people ask me how I rose from the depths of suicidal depression, sharing that story is why I'm writing my book, but one deceptively simple technique that helped me is mirror work. This may seem silly or stupid to you at first; I know I shunned this for a long time before trying it. See how much resistance you have to looking into your eyes and saying that you love yourself.

This is the most personal thing I've shared so far. I promised myself one take for this video and then post it no matter what. So, enjoy or mock - but give it a try.

Here is a link to the book, You Can Heal Your Life, I mentioned in the video. This is the book I've recommended the most over the last few years, and I've yet to hear from anyone who didn't think it was amazing.

Andy --

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